Monday, June 3, 2013

Day five afternoon and evening update

Today's afternoon was exceptional, but unfortunately the last afternoon in Chilamate and the Eco Retreat with Meghan and Davis. After lunch we took a twenty minute bus ride (with air conditioning) to the Tirimbina reserve and the chocolate tour. The chocolate tour showed us the history of chocolate and how it was first made by the indigenous people of Latin America.

We had chocolate powder, chocolate bars, and a chocolate drink called Cacaoagua. It was a really long walk through the primary rainforest, passing over a really long suspension bridge that crossed the river where we had rafted the day before. Kyle actually tried some chocolate and didn't perish. 

For dinner we had breaded fried fish, rice, beans, salad and the usual juices. 

Before heading back to the lodge, we played a habitat game where we learned about how many rainforest creatures are becoming endangered because they are losing their habitat. 

We also video chatted with Mr. Burns via face time. We shared about our trip and he asked us questions about it. We enjoyed seeing him and appreciate him talking to us!
We closed with Seth and Cannon leading our nightly ANCHOR, where we expressed our appreciation for all who have contributed to our awesome stay in Chilamate.

Written by Kyle, Keithran, James, and William

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I hope you bring some chocolate home!!! I hope you all know how dearly loved and missed you are!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you are not only being a servant leader, but you are also learning about the country and the ecosystems. It is sad that the animals are losing their homes. Hopefully, a solution can be worked out that will satisfy the human and rainforest animals. I am looking forward to hearing more details on your experiences when you return to school. Good bless all of you. Mrs. Nabers

Unknown said...

Ok- yum! I would love being there surrounded by all of that chocolate. It looks like you guys are learning a lot. Thank you for sharing it with us. We are very proud of you here at home!

Unknown said...

Hi Guys (and gals)!
I have enjoyed reading all of your posts. It sounds like you have been so helpful to your new friends and have had fun while doing it. Blessings given and blessings received! I'm jealous of the trip to learn about chocolate and I was absolutely blown away by your new cricket discovery. Cole...that was a great name you gave it!:) Please let Miss Glenn know that her picture of the enormous cockroach COMPLETELY and irreversibly creeped me out. I'm so proud of all of you and what you have done while you've been there and I've really enjoyed your blog. Love and prayers for safe travels to you...XXOO- Mrs. Hecht

Philip Cummings said...

Great job, guys, I've really enjoyed the posts and have loved following the tweets and seeing the photos on Twitter, too. I'd love to hear more details about the nightly anchors that you guys are leading. It sounds like it's been a truly amazing trip.

Unknown said...

Hi boys, Wow!! You all are having such a great experience in Costa Rica!! I have loved seeing all the pictures and captions of what you are doing! It looks so pretty there!! I am praying for you all and know you are a blessing to the people there! Have fun and be safe!! XOXO
Love, Mrs. Bell

Anonymous said...

Boys, I have really enjoyed following all of your adventures in Costa Rica on the blog. I am so proud of the great work you have done there. You are truly "Bold Adventurers"! I am looking forward to hearing all of the details when you return. I am praying for all of you. Travel safely!
Love, Mrs. Droke

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